Thursday, April 15, 2010

God Dreams--We're All Born Dreamers

Today is kind of day that I find myself inspired--truly inspired--by so many around me. Ever have a day like that? Throughout the day while I think about the stories of those around me I have been moved to tears. Okay, it's fair to say that I am, by nature, an emotional person; I cry easily. Close friends and family members know this about me. Nonetheless, I am having one of those stand back and admire God kind of days. What I have realized today is that there are friends, family members, and acquaintances all around me who are seeing their "God dreams" come alive. Inspiring.

What is your God dream? We all have them. I'm not referring to something that is highly spiritual. I'm talking about the dreams that we all carry with us day to day--the dreams that we've had in our hearts since we were children. We aspire to something bigger, something greater, something we probably cannot make happen by ourselves. As children, these God dreams are so natural and seem altogether possible. Ask a young child what he wants to do or be when he grows older. Most likely you'll get an answer that is rooted in God's creative and unique love for him. Generally, it's not hard for a child to dream big dreams--God dreams. I remember dreaming some things as a young child that I just knew would happen; I didn't doubt or question their likelihood. My children are the same way. I began asking my oldest son when he was no more than 2 years old if he had good dreams and what they were. I'm not certain that he understood at this age what dreams were. But he sure does now! He often retells his dreams to us in vivid detail. And, he tells us about his daydreams; he describes them as if he was watching a movie. He envisions it! This is how our God dreams start too.

I was particularly inspired today by my Pastor's wife as she shared about some recent experiences in ministry that took her breath away. They reminded her of God's faithfulness to answer the dreams that she had in her heart even as a young child. There it is again! We are born dreamers. I believe that God wants to answer the dreams He puts on the inside of us--the God dreams. I was inspired today by a friend and her husband who are soon opening a store, a business full of opportunity. I was inspired today by a father who always longed for his adult children to become active members of a church family. Today he realized that one more piece of that dream is coming alive; he's overjoyed. Today I was inspired by a generous woman who has launched a charity from scratch based on an intense love for children, and a desire to bless and encourage children and families who are dealing with illness. I'm also inspired by friends of mine who continually put their hands to work helping others to achieve their God dreams.

God dreams are all around us. What is your God dream? I have many. So many. Some have come alive and others are yet to be realized. As I look around at those who are seeing their God dreams become reality I am encouraged and inspired. I'm reminded to have the faith, imagination, and heart of a child. I want to recapture that innocence and creative instinct. I choose this day to remember all of my God dreams and to never give up on them. Someone needs for my God dreams to come alive, and undoubtedly, someone needs for your God dreams to come alive too!

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