Friday, March 22, 2013

Looking For the Smiles

Feeling very fulfilled and content creating precious memories with our children.  I'm focusing on remaining content in all things.  This is good.  Really good.  Circumstances cause me to look up, look down, look around, seek, seek, and seek; they're not altogether bad, constantly changing, because once I seek, I find.  I find Him.  I find the One, the only one, in whom my soul rests.  Once I find Him--as I always do when I seek--I am fully reminded to rest in Him.  To be content.  To remain content.  In contentment is the peace which my soul desperately craves.  I crave this peace more than I crave any other thing in my life!  I crave peace as my body craves water.  And I have found...I am finding, again and again that peace, true peace, is found in contentment.

Living this truth is key because I know that my children are watching me more than they are listening to me.  (Often I wonder if they're ever listening to me.)  But, do you know what I mean?  The way that I live my life and walk in contentment and peace...or not, is what they get more than what I say to them.  I have to keep this truth in the forefront, because I want my children to live life in peace more than anything else.  Just as the apostle Paul said, whether they abound or are abased (Philippians 4:12), I want them to live life content; this brings about true peace. 
Today is a perfect opportunity.  My husband and I finally have a date night planned.  They are few and far between so we are ecstatic when one is on the calendar!  My 7 year old woke up complaining of a headache.  I gave him medicine, prayed with him, and sent him on his way to school.  I had a very strong suspicion that the school would be calling me by lunch time, at the latest.  Just had a feeling.  Sure enough, I got off the phone with my older brother mid-morning and there was a call from my son's school.  So, I pouted for a minute.  Then, I packed up my 3 year old and drove to get my son.  He had a low grade fever.  I sent a message to my friend, who had so graciously offered to watch my children.  I let my husband know what was going on.  I pouted just a bit more.  Then I began to seek.  Why, darn it?  Well...why not?  Life is life...and sometimes it's unfair!  But, you know what else I found?  Contentment.  Peace.  I watched our new chicks for a while...and they made me smile.  I looked around my beautiful living room (beautiful in my eyes as we're still renovating and it's been a long journey).  I smiled.  I breathed.  I listened to my son talk to his sister with kindness.  I relaxed.  It's okay.  He may feel better after resting, and we may still get to go.  Or, he may not and the date will be off.  Either way, I'm okay.  I'm fully content and enjoying this day.  I am at peace.  My soul is at rest.  

So, this peace is truly what I want my children to catch, if they don't get anything else from me.  This is my prayer for them.  Am I always at peace?  No way!  But, this is my prayer for myself too.  And I'm learning.  I'm growing.  I'm seeing God work His peace in me as a master craftsman.  He is perfectly able to finish all of the good works that He has begun in me.  I will continue to look for places to smile.  I will continue to thoroughly enjoy creating memories--and opportunities for memories--with my children.  Some of the things making us all smile recently are our 8 new baby chicks.  They are darling.  And yes, I know that they grow up!  We are so excited about this new chapter in our new country life!  Loving the moments.  Loving the days.  Looking for the smiles.  Learning to remain content.  Learning to live in peace.  

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